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8 juillet 2014 2 08 /07 /juillet /2014 02:54
Affiches pour le recrutement de la police d'Osaka
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8 juillet 2014 2 08 /07 /juillet /2014 02:33

Merci http://the-japan-news.com/news/article/0001386268

Osaka police use rippling abs as a recruiting tool

2:00 pm, July 07, 2014

By Keiichi Kodama / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterOSAKA—Using recruitment posters bearing a photo of a police officer with six-pack abs and a macho catchphrase, the Osaka prefectural police have succeeded in attracting many applicants to a new program that emphasizes capabilities and skills in various fields.

The first round of the new employment program, which started in April, attracted six times the number of applicants required.

Applications are accepted twice a year. The prefectural police plan to hire about 520 people for the first screening process of the year. About 10 percent of these people will be chosen from among the applicants for the new program. Applicants for the new program were required to submit a self-recommendation essay that includes their achievements or abilities and can receive extra points during the screening process.

The poster bore a photo focused on the well-tempered abdominal muscles of a police officer wearing a judo uniform. The poster included a phrase reading “Soshokukei yori Osaka Fukei” (Osaka prefectural police over herbivorous men), a rhyme that appears to emphasize strength.

The poster was well received by students, who said it was unforgettable. Many applicants decided to apply after seeing the poster.

As a result, police received about 300 applications for the roughly 50 posts set aside for the new program. About 80 percent of the applicants stressed their achievements in sports events. Many of them have participated in national meets in baseball, soccer, rugby and other sports. Some of them were on teams that won national championships or belonged to professional teams.

A secondary exam including interviews and physical strength tests has been concluded, with results to be announced early August.

According to police, the new program is not intended only for sports-oriented people but also those who have other capabilities, stamina and good communication skills in various fields. Police expect people employed through the new program will work well in door-to-door investigations and the interrogation of suspects.

Authorities are therefore seeking to accept applications of people who are extremely skilled in various fields, such as company employees who performed well in sales or individuals with conversation skills.

Applications are now being accepted until Aug. 6 for about 350 posts for the second screening process of the year. Of them, about 35 will be selected for the special program, which will accept applications until July 14.

The design of the poster for the second round tones down the masculinity. Instead it bears the image of a police officer in a uniform inscribed with two large letters reading “Honki” (seriousness).

“The work of police officers is hard. We made this poster to attract applicants who sincerely want to devote themselves to protecting citizens in the prefecture. So we hope not only sports-oriented people but also people in various fields will apply,” a police official in charge said.

Courtesy of Osaka prefectural police

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