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  • Ashmore D.J., Kiritake Masako's Maiden's Bunraku . 竹政子乙女文楽, electronic journal of contemporary japanese studies (2005)

URL: http://www.japanesestudies.org.uk/articles/2005/Ashmore.html

  • De Vanssay Bernadette, « Les représentations de l’eau », VertigO - la revue électronique en sciences de l'environnement [En ligne], Hors-série 1 | décembre 2003, [En ligne], mis en ligne le 02 juillet 2008.

URURL : http://vertigo.revues.org/1959

  • Edgington D., Osaka, Cities, Vol. 17, No. 4, pp. 305–318, 2000
URL: http://people.plan.aau.dk/~05um0702/Tuzzi/Litterature/olympic/City%20profile%3B%20Osaka.pdf
  • ELLEFSON, Dylan, Local Tradition and the Construction of Community and Identity in Postwar Japan: The Case of the Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri, in CRITICAL AND RADICAL GEOGRAPHIES OF THE SOCIAL, THE SPATIAL AND THE POLITICAL (2006), p. 153-173
URL: http://www.ur-plaza.osaka-cu.ac.jp/archives/URP1.pdf#page=154
  • Gramlich-Oka B.,Tokugawa Women and Spacing the Self, Early Modern Japan 2006
URL: https://kb.osu.edu/dspace/bitstream/handle/1811/24280/Oka_06.pdf;jsessionid=B57AF998C33F679853DDA8A261EC675E?sequence=7
  • Hanamura C. et al., A Comparative Study on Landscape Characteristics of Osaka between Today and the End of the Edo Period Based on Visual and Environmental Evaluation of Famous Places, Sci Rep Grad Sch Agric Biol Sci Osaka Prefect Univ 53, 2001, p. 7-14
URL: http://www.bioenv.osakafu-u.ac.jp/bulletin/v53/v53_05.pdf
  • Haraguchi T., The Creation of'Tourist City'and the Attack on Homeless People: Neoliberal Urbanism in Osaka City, Japan
 URL: http://www.ur-plaza.osaka-cu.ac.jp/2006/12/061220speaker_01.pdf
  • Hayata K., A Time-Dependent Statistical Analysis of the Large-Scale Municipal Consolidation, Forma, 25, 37–44, 2010
URL: http://www.scipress.org/journals/forma/pdf/2501/25010037.pdf
  • Hourmant Louis, c.r. de  Bouchy (Anne) Les Oracles de Shirataka ou la sybille d'Osaka: vie d'une femme spécialiste de la possession dans le Japon du XXe siècle, Archives des sciences sociales des religions, 1994, vol. 88, n° 1, pp. 51-52.

  URL : http://www.persee.fr/web/revues/home/prescript/article/assr_0335-5985_1994_num_88_1_1472_t1_0051_0000_3

  • Huang Shaopeng et al., Detecting urbanization effects on surface and subsurface thermal environment — A case study of Osaka, Science of the Total Environment 4 0 7 ( 2 0 0 9 ) 3 1 4 2 – 3 1 5 2

URL: http://www.geo.lsa.umich.edu/~shaopeng/stoten08.pdf

  • Ito, Shoichi, A Regional economic development of Japan during the rapid economic growth priod : the case of Osaka, Bulletin of University of Osaka Prefecture. Ser. D, Economics, business administration and law. 1994, 38, p.15-30

URL: http://repository.osakafu-u.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/10466/967/1/KJ00000000858.pdf

  • Kameya P., When Eccentricity Is Virtue: Virtuous Deeds in Kinsei kijinden (Eccentrics of Our Times, 1790), early Modern Japan (2009)

URL: https://kb.osu.edu/dspace/bitstream/handle/1811/44709/Kameya_EMJ_2009.pdf?sequence=1

  • Kokita Kiyohito, Tessa Morris-Suzuki and Mark Selden, Ko Tae Mun, Ko Chung Hee, and the Osaka Family Origins of North Korean Successor Kim Jong Un, The Asia-Pacific Journal Vol 9, Issue 1 No 2, January 3, 2011.

URL: http://japanfocus.org/-Kokita-Kiyohito/3465

  • Kreutzfeld J., Ishibashi Soundscape ― Investigating the Soundscape of Urban Japan, Studies in Urban Cultures 8, pp.88-99,2006

URL: http://www.lit.osaka-cu.ac.jp/UCRC/2006/ja/issue/pdf/pdf_zasshi08/08_jacob.pdf

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URL: http://repository.osakafu-u.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/10466/2803/1/KJ00004350461.pdf

  • MATSUMOTO H., EFFECTS OF NEW AIRPORTS ON HUB-NESS OF CITIES: A CASE OF OSAKA, Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol. 6, pp. 648 - 663, 2005

URL: http://www.easts.info/on-line/journal_06/648.pdf

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URL: http://www.osakacity.or.jp/en/journal/issues/45/45-004.pdf

  • Mizuuchi T., Growth of rough sleepers in Osaka and the recent evolution of actions of government, NPO and volunteer organizations, What's Happening on the Street, 2003

URL: http://www.lit.osaka-cu.ac.jp/UCRC/2006/ja/issue/pdf/pdf_03bangkok/07mizuuchi.pdf

  • Mizuuchi T., Changing urban governance for socially discriminated people: A Case of Osaka City, Japan, (2003)

URL: http://www.lit.osaka-cu.ac.jp/geo/pdf/frombelow/0308_frombelow_mizuuchi.pdf

  • Mizuuchi T., Postwar Transformation of Space and Urban Politics in the Inner-ring of Osaka, in CRITICAL AND RADICAL GEOGRAPHIES OF THE SOCIAL, THE SPATIAL AND THE POLITICAL (2006), p. 107-131

URL: http://www.ur-plaza.osaka-cu.ac.jp/archives/URP1.pdf#page=108

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URL: http://www.jsce.or.jp/library/open/proc/maglist2/00039/200306_no27/pdf/137.pdf

  • Nishikawa Yuko , « D’un cours du soir à Osaka à la formation d’un groupe autonome : « territoire de la lumière » », Les cahiers du CEDREF [En ligne], 4-5 | 1995, mis en ligne le 07 octobre 2009

URL : http://cedref.revues.org/323

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URL: http://antiquity.ac.uk/reviews/pearson.html

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URL: http://www.etsav.upc.es/personals/iphs2004/pdf/177_p.pdf

  • Rands D., Foundations of Minority Communities. Resident Koreans in Japan, (2010)

URL: http://www.wider.unu.edu/publications/working-papers/2010/en_GB/wp2010-87/_files/84025971623067821/default/wp2010-87.pdf

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URL: http://www.fcronos.gsec.keio.ac.jp/wp03_009.pdf

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URL: http://www.osakacity.or.jp/en/journal/issues/49/49-001.pdf

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URL: http://intersections.anu.edu.au/issue2/leoniereview.html

  • STRUVE Daniel, Les recueils comiques de kyôka : l'exemple du Tokuwaka gomanzai shû. In: Extrême-Orient, Extrême-Occident. 2003, N°25, L'anthologie poétique en Chine et au Japon. pp. 139-163.

    doi : 10.3406/oroc.2003.1171
    url : http://www.persee.fr/web/revues/home/prescript/article/oroc_0754-5010_2003_num_25_25_1171
  • Struve Daniel,  Saikaku, romancier du monde flottant (note d'information). In: Comptes-rendus des séances de l'Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, 148e année, N. 4, 2004. pp. 1479-1483. doi : 10.3406/crai.2004.22801
url : http://www.persee.fr/web/revues/home/prescript/article/crai_0065-0536_2004_num_148_4_22801
  • Sturtz Sreetharan C.L., Osaka Aunties: Negotiating honorific language, gender, and regionality, (2008)

URL: http://studentorgs.utexas.edu/salsa/proceedings/2008/SturtzSreetharan_2008.pdf

  • UM, Hyang Hee; OMOTO, Yukio, Seasonal Difference in Urban Climate of Osaka and Kyoto, Bulletin of the University of Osaka Prefecture. Ser. B, Agriculture and life sciences. 1994, 46, p.95-100

URL: http://repository.osakafu-u.ac.jp/dspace/bitstream/10466/2774/1/KJ00004350422.pdf

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URL: http://www.terrapub.co.jp/journals/JO/JOSJ/pdf/4304/43040244.pdf

  • Yonemoto M., c.r. de James L. McClain and Wakita Osamu, eds., Osaka: The Merchants' Capital of Early Modern
    Japan. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1999, Early Modern Japan 2001, p. 47-51

URL: http://emjnet.osu.edu/EMJContentFolders/EMJBackIssues/v9n1/v9n1.pdf

  • Zaiki M. et al., RECOVERY OF NINETEENTH-CENTURY TOKYO/OSAKA METEOROLOGICAL DATA IN JAPAN, Int. J. Climatol. 26: 399–423 (2006) Published online 27 January 2006 . DOI: 10.1002/joc.1253

URL: http://www.knmi.nl/publications/fulltexts/zaiki_2006.pdf

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